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The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask Review

Hi… Ok we’re getting to the good stuff, Today Review is in hyrule, Is The legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Majora’s mask.


Starting a little info this to games when out for the N64 Ocarina of time in 1999 and Majora’s Mask on 2000 this two games are legends of the gaming industries and in the Legend of Zelda Saga.

I’ll start with Ocarina of Time, This game is one of the best game of all time, and if you’re stupid and you’re asking why is because you don’t have a soul and you have never play a video game, This game is the definition of adventure and mystery, you start as a little kid that live in the forest whit a race of people that never grow old name the kokiri’s, a fairy call you and wake you up, because you need to talk with the great deku tree who put the startImage on your adventure, that is go in search for the 3 crystals that can open the sacred realm to stop the evil that is coming toward Hyrule but without knowing that opening the sacred realm you let in the evil ganondorf when you open the sacred realm you grow 7 years old and now your mission is to stop the evil ganondorf save Hyrule and the princes Zelda… Yeah the princes is Zelda not the Hero you Stupid bitch, The Hero is call Link OK!!! IS LINK NOT ZELDA!!!!……. 

Ok Now Talking about gaming this game is perfect have excellent controls, well knowing that the N64 controllers are uncomfortable as shit (Well that’s just my opinion ok Calm your nostalgia), also is a long game, and you can enjoy every single detail, it have a lot of items, like the hookshot, the bombs,  arrows etc. also you have magic, in this game you’ll never get Imagelost or get to that point when you don’t know what to do, because you have a lot of people inside the game to tell you what to do, and of course the most important help that you have in this game is Navi that is the fairy that follow you around the game every time telling you what you have to do or if something seems suspicious alerting you of somethings with a “not Annoying” HEY!!! , and also the great music that follows this game every time…. in the end the combination of all this things it make a Master Piece of this Game, and is know by the World as one of The best game of all the history of Gaming. 

Now in other point we have The legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask this game went out one year after Ocarina of Time for the N64, That is the reason why a lot of things in the Majoras Mask resembles with the ocarina of time, The History on this game begins after all the events on Ocarina of Time now you are a Boy in Search for an old friend in your trip you meet with a strange creature Call Skull kid that put you in the body of a Deku and leave youImage in a strange reality call termina whit one of the fairy’s that Follow Skull kid when he made you found a terrible fate, Your mission is to save termina from the moon crushing, and destroying every living soul, having the time on your side and the spirits of the warriors that have meet with a terrible fate by the hand of Skull Kid that is been control by the spirit of the majora’s mask, in all this game you find masks that have different uses in your adventure. This game is scary as shit, is The dark turn of the Legend of Zelda saga and maybe one of the reason why some people don’t appreciate this zelda as one of the best, the controls are the same as the Ocarina of Time, you have the same variety of items as in Ocarina of Time, the difference between this two games is that Majora’s Mask is more difficult than  Ocarina of time you have less help from the people and from your fairy, the other difference is , this game have a lot of side History’s that in some way connect with the main mission, and also this side history’s are creepy as Fuck,  indeed this whole game is a ImageMaster Piece of Creepy, you want to be afraid of something stop watching stupid scary movies, and start playing this game…

Well this is all for today, The legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Majora’s mask.

Hey Next Time i’ll review in the year 20XX…


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